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"We guide young ventures to progress"

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9 out of 10 start-ups typically fail

Status of Start-Up Movement




Zombie Mode or Dead




Somewhat alive

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Main mistakes made by start-ups

Capital / Financing

Complex funding structure / rounds
Wrong investor landscape for current needs
No meaningful 5yr Business Plan


Poorly thought-thru business model
No holistic roadmap and execution power
Bad «Time-To-Market»

Marketing & Design

Unattractive product design (UX, Web, etc.)
Wrong positioning of pricing
Product not based on actual customer needs


Missing skills in team
No entrepreurial experience or mindset
Disharmony between team and investors

Execution Plan

No marketing plan linked to technological ideas
No management system (e.g: KPIs)
Poor project management and execution drive

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Stay focused on your idea 
and respire 

When it comes to realizing a new business idea, 
you want to turn your vision into reality.

At some point, every venture reaches a critical phase where resources and experience are no longer sufficient. 
Progress is blocked, the vision becomes blurred and you run out of breath.
In this situation, assessing oneself correctly and initiating the necessary changes is the smart way.

 "Get back your vision!" 


If we all feel, it is the right match, we will bring all in.

Passion, experience and the right funding to the table. We guide you to the next stage of growth and you stay full in control of your vision.  

We as respire guides act in  a lot of ways  differently than the others.

But did you start your venture to do it like all the others?

 Integral processing by respire

Writing on Glass
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We create a clear understanding of "Business Model" and its supporting strategic question.

We develop a thorough business plan reflecting a sustainable commercial model and growth plan

We build a robust brand story and marketing plan accordingly with a user-centric thinking.

We bring the right capital on board as and help avoid the fierce trap of a «dictating» investor.

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Customer testimonies

It releases an incredible amount of energy to work with the respire team. We discuss and implement and we focus on growing together with sustainability. I benefit from a network of experts that I didn't have before. 

Tobias Angehrn, CEO TRESIO AG

No doubt about it, you have to go on a special journey with respire. I really enjoy this journey in the last years because we work so intensively and positively on the implementation of Bontique. No top down consulting , it is working with us . With all the ups and downs

Robin Frei , Co Founder Bontique (Gubemo AG)

We are respire

radical - persistent - committed

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Helping Hands

Ebbi Attarzadeh

#Financial Advisory

Knows the financial industry

inside out and has an investor

mindset catered for sustainable businesses models.

#Digitalization & IT

Innovation driven, determined to 
digitizing every day
problems and beyond

#Legal & Transactions

Tailored legal support,
 from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs

along the entire journey of a venture


Bäckerstrasse 15, 8004 Zürich

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